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  1. Senator Scott Wilks Tweet 4/12 opposing the Annex project SenWilTweet$1B 4.12.21.jpg
  2. Assemblymember Kevin Kiley Tweet 4/12 opposing the Anenx project Kevin Kiley 4.12.21 Tweet.jpg
  3. George Skelton Column LA Times remembering the late Senator Jim Mills—savior of the Capitol LATimeSkelton.pdf
  4. Sacramento Bee article 4/15 reporting appeal to Senate president Toni Atkins SacBee041521SocLtrAtkins.pdf
  5. Sacramento Business Journal article 4/15 reproting opposition to Annex project SacBusJournalOppositionAnnex041521.pdf
  6. Letter to Govenor Gavin Newsom - April 2, 2021
  7. PAC at state capitol building - March 29, 2021 Accountability for our Capitol.mp4
  8. Article by Paula Peper in the American Society of Consulting Arborists magazine the Consultant American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA) The Consultant Peper articlee.pdf


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Mark Hulbert letter to Joint Rules Chairman Cooley 3/22/21 Annex Project-MHPAcorrespond.pdf

PAC letter to Legislators of 3/17/21 legis 031721.pdf

Joint Rules Hearing Presentation 3/22/21 - Annex Hearing 3.22.21.pdf

California State Capitol and Park under Threat - AIA Central Valley - January 27, 2021 Annex Pres_AIACV_Jan21.mp4

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Article by Former Senator Quentin L. Kopp

Inside Sources January 31, 2021 article by Taxpayer Pres. Turnipseed

SacNews&Review article by W Bruce Lee Feb 3, 2021

Joint Rules Committee - Official Annex Project Website

Department of General Services Environmental Impact Report and Documents for Capitol Annex Project

Presentation Materials for 9/9/20 Joint Rules Committee hearing

Link to 9/9/20 Joint Rules Committee hearing video

In The News

The Cultural Landscape Foundation designation of the Project as a Landslide. The goal of Landslide is to draw immediate and lasting attention to threatened landscapes and unique features, and to encourage informed, community-based stewardship decisions.

Karen Jacques 11/14/20 presentation to Preservation Sacramento

Capitol Weekly article 12/29/20

Paula Peper interview on Capitol Public Radio Click Here

Problems presented to state legislature Click Here

Watch Video on Capitol Trees

Presentation on 3 Designs' Effect on Trees

Preservation Society Press Release 2020 11001.pdf

2020.10.26_Sacramento's most famous landmark is getting a makeover. Here are 3 Capitol Annex designs

2020.10.24_No Annexation Without Representation

2020.07.15_Dan Walters_State budget 'balanced' with massive debt

2020.07.02_Capitol annex visitor's center project to be postponed

2020.05.28_Protections for at-risk tribal cultural sites

2020.05.27_Here's how a $54B deficit will hurt Californians

2020.05.21_Never let a crisis go to waste-and a Governor didn't, as CA voters will discover this Fall

2020.05.21_Building preservationists want to pause Capitol Annex Project

2020.05.15_Gov Newsom wants to pause 3 major Sacramento office projects due to deficit

2020.05.11_Will the Capitol Annex Renovation Continue?

2020.05.11_Tree lovers vs Capitol Annex Project

2020.05.06_Rallying to Preserve Our Modern Capitol

2020.05.04_SacBee Video + Article

2020.04.15_Beyond Crazy-Coronavirus turns CA's $20B budget reserves to red ink

2020.02.18_Capitol Construction Puts Historic Trees at Risk of Being Cut Down

2019.12.16_Usual suspects in Sacramento exempt $424M office from usual rules

2019.12.10_Every lawmaker gets a window

2019.11.21_Editorial_Taxpayers fund cosmetic fixes for doomed building used by lawmakers? Really?

2019.11.20_CA is on track for a $7B budget surplus. Where will the money go?

2019.11.12_The Capitol Annex will soon be gutted. Lawmakers still asked for nearly $200K in office upgrades

2019.06.17_$4B in State Government Construction

2019.03.16_Construction Begins on a New State Office Building

2019.03.07_New state office 'swing space' underway

2018.06.25_Capitol Annex faces $755M Redo

2018.06.14_Capitol staff, get ready to move

2018.06.12_California lawmakers call in a $1.2 billion wrecking ball for their offices

2018.02.26_Replace State Capitol - CSHQA

2018.02.22_CA lawmakers consider a $543M change

2018.02.21_CA Capitol Annex needs a $543M replacement, report urges

2018.02.02_CBS 13_Capitol Construction Puts Historic Trees at Risk of Being Cut Down

2017.07.06_Should CA renovate part of the Capitol - or tear it down?

2016.06.17_Capitol Roundup_Lawmakers Pass $1B for State Buildings, Restart Gun Research

2016.06.15_CA budget pact cuts review for Capitol Annex Project

2016.05.13_Jerry Brown's budget plan predicts slowdown in CA revenue

2016.04.17_CA Capitol's aging annex eyed for upgrade or tear down

2016.02.10_LAO says Governor's office-building plan needs more sunshine

2016.02.09_Wrecking ball for part of the CA Capitol on the table


2016.01.07_State proposed budget includes repairing old capitol buildings

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